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Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior is any activity which disrupts the library, endangers the perpetrator or others, interferes with the library business of other patrons or staff, or is illegal. Disruptive behavior may include but is not limited to noise, damage or disruption of library equipment of services.

Group study which involve lengthy conversation may be conducted in a library conference room when available or at the tables near the water fountain at Mount Vernon. At Whidbey, HH124, just out the South exit of the library, is available most days for groups and study sessions.

The Czarna Collins Room at Mount Vernon has been designated a “quiet only” location. Patrons requiring a very quiet study area should be directed to that location when available. Whidbey Students may use the shared reading room for designated quiet space.

Instructors are responsible for the behavior of a class they bring to the library.

A person who is disruptive will be informed that the behavior is inappropriate If the behavior continues, the person will be asked to leave the library. If the person refuses to leave, staff should first call campus security. If staff feels a situation is dangerous, they should immediately call 9-911.

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