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Children in the Library Policy

The library adheres to the campus wide policy regarding children on campus.  Of note in the campus policy is that children under 16 are not allowed on campus unless they under the direct supervision of an adult.

As of May 5, 2014, the policy for children on campus is:


Section: 7060

Initial Date of Approval: 1/30/09

Revision Date(s):


To promote a safe, healthy, and productive environment at all Skagit Valley College locations. These procedures are implemented in the context of welcoming visitors and families and protecting children, all while respecting the educational and work environments that are at the center of achieving the College’s mission


WAC 132N-150-150 Children on Campus


This policy pertains to all employees and persons who visit the College, participate in classes, and/or programs, events, or activities. A child is defined as a person who has not achieved their 16th birthday and is not enrolled as a Skagit Valley College student.

Skagit Valley College recognizes that children often appropriately accompany adults during visits to campus. Children, however, need at all times to be under thesupervision of their parent(s) or designated guardian. It is inappropriate for a parent to ask a member of the College community to assume supervision, unless he or she is leaving the child in a college program sanctioned for children as defined in this policy.


Children are not permitted in classrooms at Skagit Valley College except with the specific approval of the faculty member responsible for the class, on an emergency basis, and for a specific and limited period of time. Children are NOT allowed in areas where dangerous equipment is operated and/or where chemicals, cleaning products, solvents, or any hazardous products are stored or used such as science and computer laboratories, art studios, the welding shop, and the weight room.

No employee, student, or visitor to the College shall leave a child unattended at the College, including in campus buildings, on campus grounds, or in a vehicle; nor shall achild be left with a College employee unless that child is enrolled in an authorized program of the College.

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