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Open Education Resources

Resources include repositories, course materials, books, and more


Open Washington:  Open Educational Resources Network

The Hub is an OER Open Educational Resource for Washington State's community and technical college system.  It is a local repository for OER shared by our system or created through SBCTC sponsored projects.  

There are 28 subject working groups to collaborate with, submit content to, and share with the community.

They are searchable and accessible by anyone via OER Commons.

  • Washington 100 An OER inventory for WACTC's 100 highest-demand courses. 
    • FIND OER  - Includes images, textbooks, course materials, video and audio



Accounting                               Chemistry                          History                                               Philosophy & Logic 

American Sign Language        Communication                 Human Anatomy & Physiology       Physics

Anthropology                            Drama                                 Humanities                                        Political Science

Art                                              English                                Math                                                   Psychology

Astronomy                                Environmental Science      Microbiology                                     Research

Biology                                      French                                 Nutrition                                            Sociology

Business and Economics       Geology                               Oceanography                                  Spanish


Resources for SVCs BASAM Program

A student intern from the Batchelor of Applied Science in Applied Management (BASAM) program created an annotated bibliography covering a broad range of Open Educational Resources for SVCs BASAM Program.

All Content CC-BY.