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Open Educational Resources for SVCs BASAM Program: Home

By Luke M.

What is this Guide for?

The purpose of this guide is to provide an annotated bibiliography of OER (Open Education Resources) for  SVC's BASAM (Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management) Program

This guide was created as an internship project by a BASAM student

What is this page for?

The focus of this page is to provide OER resources on management and business-related topics

Management Sources

Management sources are sources that contribute to one's learning of management.  These sources relate to the skill of management and allow the reader to be able to gain an understanding of managerial concepts and how they are applied in the workplace.

The Four Functions of Management | OER Commons

  • Title: The Four Functions of Management: An Essential Guide to Management Principles
  • This textbook covers the functions of management and understanding business strategy.  The text covers the main four functions that are useful for someone new to management or would like a broad knowledge of managerial concepts.  

Small Business Management in the 21st Century - Open Textbook Library (

  • Title: Small Business Management in the 21st Century
  • This textbook is about small business management and teaches students how they work and empathizes e-business and its implications.  This text would be beneficial for someone interested in starting a small business and understanding how small business management functions in the 21st century.  

Strategic Management | OER Commons

  • Title: Strategic Management 
  • This textbook covers the concept of strategic management.  Strategic management is the optimal use of resources in an organization.  Strategic management is relevant because it can aid many sections of management.  The reader learns multiple skills through the text and understands their context within different firms. 


Principles of Management - Open Textbook Library (

  • Title: Principles of Management 
  • This text covers many management aspects, such as visions, leadership, trends, history, and general management principles.  The text covers the history of management behaviors regarding work.  Understanding trends in management are presented throughout this book, and how to develop leadership skills.  Examples and cases are also provided to give additional context to the reader.  This text offers a relevant broad perspective on management and its principles.  


Computer Applications for Managers (

  • Title: Computer Applications for Managers 
  • This textbook covers the basics of different computer applications concerning their context in the workplace.  The book goes into great detail about the different applications that one should expect to use when in a management position.  The text is useful because management is likely going to relate to using a computer for inputs and as a tool in a modern time.  (Presentations, Word Documents)


Communications Sources

Communication sources are sources that contribute to one's learning of communication.  These sources relate to communication concepts, giving knowledge to one on how to communicate efficiently in the workplace.  Communication relates to the transfer of ideas or knowledge between employees and has many implications in the workplace.  

Advanced Professional Communication | OER Commons

  • Title: Advanced Professional Communication: A Principled Approach to Workplace Writing 
  • This textbook is related to learning outcomes of communications, primarily with a business and leadership undertone.  The idea of workplace writing is also covered in this text and the importance of effective writing in the workplace. 


An Introduction to Group Communication | OER Commons

  • Title: An Introduction to Group Communication
  • This textbook covers group communication, and the book covers examples that would be seen in society.  The book covers decision-making through groups and being a part of a group.  This textbook is very useful in making sure that the reader understands how group communication works.  Reading the text will provide the reader with tools to communicate in a group.


Management Communication for Undergraduates | OER Commons

  • Title: Management Communication for Undergraduates
  • This text relates to communication in management and covers a variety of topics.   The topics covered in the text are speaking, writing, meetings.  There is also additional information on communicating with audiences and different populations.  This text's primary purpose of learning communication is presented through an organizational lens. 


Principles of Management for Leadership Communication | OER Commons

  • Title: Principles of Management for Leadership Communication 
  • This text covers a lot of areas in management as well as leadership.  The text covers a variety of topics as well.  One of the topics is "communication in organizations," which means how someone talks inside of some business.  Another chapter is about "organizational culture," which means the culture inside an organization.  The text's primary purpose is to explain these ideas to show the reader how to lead the people in the previously stated organizations.  

Business Communication For Success | OER Commons

  • Title: Business Communication for Success
  • This text is a textbook for business communication.  Business communication can mean a lot of different concepts, and in this case, it is speech, writing, reports, and also representations.  The reader of this text will be knowledgable about how to communicate in a business sense.  Speeches and presentations are important in the workplace, and this text covers both which would be advantageous to someone wanting to communicate effectively in business.  

Human Resources

Human Resources sources contribute to one's learning of human resources.  These sources relate to human resources and becoming more knowledgeable in human resources.  Human resources relate to the people inside the workplace, and many topics of human resources are covered in the following sources.  

Critical Employment, Ethical, and Legal Scenarios in Human Resource Development | OER Commons

  • Title: Critical Employment, Ethical, and Legal Scenarios in Human Resources Development
  • This text is related to Human Resources and covers an umbrella of topics under Human Resources.  Some examples of such are, diversity and inclusion, technology, biases, and artificial intelligence.  The reader of this text would have the purpose of discovering different types of scenarios in a Human Resources context.  In addition to discovering scenarios, the reader can learn about diversity, inclusion, and types of “employment, ethical, and legal situations” in an organization. 


Human Resource Management | OER Commons

  • Title: Human Resource Management 

  • This textbook is focused on human resource management.  It has accounts from CEOs and other essential individuals in organizations.  The textbook is mainly influenced by how society’s progress has changed the definition of human resources. 


Working with Humans (

  • Title: Working with Humans
  • This textbook covers the concept of employees and also humans in the workplace.  Occupations need employees, and employees are generally human.  Humans will be in the workplace, as people are a part of the business.  This text goes into how to communicate with other humans as well as being able to collaborate with them.  The reader of this text will understand more about how people are in the workplace and the importance of understanding people. 

Human Resource Management (

  • Title: Human Resource Management
  • This text is an expansive and general take on human resources.  The textbook covers all aspects of human resources and even goes into topics like safety and fires.  The text is a comprehensive collection of human resources topics, and readers of this text likely are interested in human resources.  The author goes into what happens when human resources management is efficient and human resource managers' different roles and responsibilities.  Topics like retirement, resignations, employee counseling, and disciplinary action are also covered throughout the text.  If a reader wants to learn more about different managerial styles in human resources management, this text would be appropriate for that reader. 

HR2025: Human Resource Management in the Future Book 1 – Work, People and HR in 2025 (

  • Title: HR2025: Human Resource Management in the Future Book 1 – Work, People, and HR in 2025
  • This text is a human resource textbook that looks into the future and what human resources will look like in 2025.  The text’s primary focus revolves around human resources becoming more modern to become more effective.  Human resources technology advancement is also highlighted in the text and the importance of those technological advancements.  The reader of this text will learn about possible ethics in 2025 and what hiring would look like in that year. 

Leadership SourcesĀ 

Leadership sources are sources that contribute to one's learning of leadership.  These sources relate to how someone can learn leadership qualities and gain supplemental information that would be to a leader's benefit.  

Leading with Cultural Intelligence | OER Commons

  • Title: Leading with Cultural Intelligence

  • This text covers how to be aware of culture in the workplace.  There will be people with different cultures; having an awareness of this will significantly benefit a leader.  Knowing cultural norms and also understanding situations from another perspective is covered in this text.  The idea of “cultural intelligence” is the primary concept in text, and the benefits of being culturally “intelligent” are highlighted throughout.  The importance of diversity is emphasized, as well as diversity’s benefits.


Problem Solving in Teams and Groups - Open Textbook Library (

  • Title: Problem Solving in Teams and Groups
  • This is a textbook that covers bias, teamwork, decision making, and meetings.  When being a leader, one must be able to problem-solve.  In addition to this, an essential quality of a leader is determining what decisions need to be made and how to work as a group.  This text is helpful for leadership because it explains to the reader what it means to problem-solve in a team setting (workplace).

Leadership Theories - Leadership Skills (

  • Title: Leadership Theories – Leadership Skills
  • This text is primarily based upon leadership theories.  The text's primary focus relates to the idea of models and how these models are applied to leadership.  The text covers the “most popular contemporary leadership theories and models.”  If the reader is someone who finds value in models, they will find value in the text. 


Organizational Culture and Leadership (

  • Title: Organizational Culture and Leadership
  • This text covers different leadership techniques and their application to the workplace.  The text is helpful for a reader who would want the experience f the author who has developed leadership characteristics firsthand.  The text primarily covers the manager Chris Baker and his experiences in leadership and management.  The firsthand expertise from Chris Baker creates a unique perspective, and that is highlighted throughout the text.


Self Leadership (

  • Title: Self Leadership
  • This text revolves around the concept of self-leadership and how one can lead themselves in life or the workplace.  The reader of this text will learn about different “archetypes” concerning leadership styles.  The type of reader that this text expects is someone who wants to learn additional leadership styles and applications.  The text explains how these archetypes play on teams and the associated implications. 

Finance Sources

Finance sources are sources that contribute to one's learning of finance.  These sources relate to financial concepts and how one can use finance in a business sense.  Finance has a variety of contexts in the workplace, and the concept exploration is conducted in these sources.  

Legal Aspects of Corporate Management and Finance | OER Commons

  • Title: Legal Aspects of Corporate Management and Finance 
  • This textbook explains legal problems that can be in corporate management and finance.  The text is relevant for management as avoiding legal problems is beneficial.  It covers law, how it relates to management, and much more.  The text also covers a corporation’s legal responsibilities. 


Liquidity, Markets, and Trading in Action - Open Textbook Library (

  • Title: Liquidity, Markets, and Trading in Action 
  • This textbook covers various concepts of trading, economics, and stock market details.  From reading this text, the reader will gain knowledge of the stock market, how trades are conducted, and more information surrounding these concepts.  

Finance for non-financial managers (

  • Title: Finance for non-financial managers 
  • This textbook explains finance for management; however, it is presented in a way that isn't through a "finance" lens.  The textbook is valid for a general college audience but has more implications in finance or management.  The language used throughout the text could be interpreted by someone who doesn't have a large amount of knowledge in finance.  

Intermediate Financial Accounting Volume 2 | OER Commons

  • Title: Intermediate Financial Accounting Volume 2
  • This text is an intermediate textbook for financial accounting.  The text is directed at readers who have taken an accounting class before or have some concept of what accounting implies.  Some of the ideas covered in the text are taxes, liabilities, statements.  The reader for this text is someone who would like an intermediate approach to the topic, as this text covers many accounting principles.

Financial Strategy for Public Managers | OER Commons

  • Title: Financial Strategy For Public Managers
  • This text primarily covers financial concepts regarding tools, information, cases, and principles.  The text helps explain how a manager needs to be aware of financial strategy and the implications of knowledgeable financial strategy.  The ideas presented in the text are reports, case studies, and budgeting. 

Project Management

Project Management sources are sources that contribute to one's learning of finance.  These sources relate to project management concepts and efficiently managing various projects.  There are many types of projects in the workplace, and these materials will assist one in becoming more knowledgeable of project management.  

Project Management from Simple to Complex - Open Textbook Library (

  • Title: Project Management from Simple to Complex
  • This text relates to the topic of project management.  The text covers project management at a basic level, and throughout the text, project management becomes more complex.  The text's primary purpose is to give future managers a broad understanding of project management.   The text also provides insight into project management’s application in an online-driven environment. 


Project Management | OER Commons

  • Title: Project Management
  • This textbook covers the basics of project management concerning business.  This text also covers the many different implications of project management and what efficient project management looks like.

Managing Projects (

  • Title: Managing Projects
  • This text is a project management textbook, and the focus on project management is detailed and goes over critical aspects of project management.  The text goes into specifics of projects, including the team, phases, and the timeframe.  The reader of this text will be introduced to different tools in project management and charts and diagrams that can be useful for the completion of a project. 

Managing Project Risk - Project Skills (

  • Title: Managing Project Risk – Project Skills
  • This text for project management takes a proactive approach to the topic and focuses on risk management and analysis.  The reader of this text will find a unique take on project management that primarily covers risks concerning project management.  The text is not considered to be of great length, but if a potential reader of this text would like knowledge about risk concerning project management, this would be the textbook for them. 

Practical Project Management (

  • Title: Practical Project Management
  • This text is a project management textbook that covers a first-hand approach to project management and what project management looks like.  The author of this text highlights to the reader what can go wrong in project management and goes over mistakes.  Also, there are many sub-topics such as communication and leadership.  This text is a valuable read for readers who would like an approach from someone who has managed projects for a career.
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