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Evaluating Open-Access Publishers and Journals

Evaluating OER Journals before use is important for scholarly research. Evaluating a journal is just like evaluating a scholarly article.   Audience, authority and creditials of the editorial board, clearly stated scope, meets standards of discipline and publishing, any hidden fees (ACPs),  Several approaches are available to help with this process. 

New Open-Access Rules

New open-access rules for federal agencies now require that grant recipients make research results freely available to the public usually within a year. Private funders, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, are also moving to public-access requirements.

Challenges for Open Access

The Guerilla Open Access Manifesto states that information is power.  Written in 2008 by Aaron Swartz, it supports the idea that all scientific research should be free and available to all. 

Sci-Hub makes illegal access to academic papers available to everyone. This website is operated out of Russia and provides 50 million pirated scientific articles to researchers worldwide.  Articles with evaluations, responses, and questions :

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