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Nutrition 101 Research Guide: Home


This research guide illustrates basic search strategies and shows the best sources for your assignments in Nutrition 101

How do you determine a good source of information?

You have been asked to find an article from one of the library's article databases.  Many of the database magazines and journals cover nutrition topics.  It is important to consider the following when looking for an appropriate article:

  • Is the article recent?  What is considered good or bad changes through time so you will need to be aware of those changes.
  • Does the article contain enough information?  A short article may too short to provide valuable information.  Look for an article more than 2 pages.  
  • Is the author of the article someone to be trusted?  You are better served with an expert in the field of nutrition.  Look for credentials and associations.  A professor at a college or university is a good choice.  You can Google the authors to learn about them.
  • Remember than help is available at the library.
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