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Art Guide: Photography

Find books, databases, websites and more.

Web Search Tips

  • Limit searches to domains (like .edu, .org, .ca, etc.)
  • Search for terms only in a part of a document, like the title
  • To search for exact phrases, use quotation marks (eg: "VCC Library")
  • Who wrote it?
  • What is the website about?
  • When was it created or updated?
  • Where does it come from - government, business, educational institution?
  • Why was it created - to sell a product, to provide opinions, to educate?


Masters of Photography:  An excellent link for photographic images from the dawn of the medium until now. Arranged by artist.

Prints and Photographs Division:  Advertising and Propaganda, American Memory Project, Library of Congress which comprise an estimated 13.7 million items.

Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation: Source for biography and selections from the portfolio of this American photographer’s work.

Sandy Skoglund Studio:  The official site with source information, images and installation works categorized by date. An important American photographer and installation artist.

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