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Art Guide: Architecture and Design

Find books, databases, websites and more.

Architecture Sites

Cities and Buildings Collection Over 5000 architectural images maintained by the architecture department at the University of Washington.

Digital Archives of American Architecture: 1,500 digitized images of American Architecture, styles and descriptions. From Boston College.

Campus Center for Appropriate Technology: Resource for sustainable technologies. From Humboldt State University.

Frank Gehry sketches: Initial sketches of building design ideas by architect Frank Gehry.

Green Architecture and Environmental Design: A good resource from University of Missouri. 


The Design & Publishing Center
Design, typography, graphics, illustration, writing, printing, publishing, advertising, signs and displays for graphic communicators.

Design Notes: Gestalt: Gestalt theory explained with examples for 2-D design applications.

What is a Print?: Interactive tutorial on printmaking processes, with images. Created by the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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