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Art Guide: Websites

Find books, databases, websites and more.

Web Search Tips

  • Limit searches to domains (like .edu, .org, .ca, etc.)
  • Search for terms only in a part of a document, like the title
  • To search for exact phrases, use quotation marks (eg: "VCC Library")
  • Who wrote it?
  • What is the website about?
  • When was it created or updated?
  • Where does it come from - government, business, educational institution?
  • Why was it created - to sell a product, to provide opinions, to educate?

Digital Galleries

Claremont Colleges Digital Library: Includes prints by Goya and other important works of art.

The Getty Research Institute: Digital database for works of art, photographs and art related research.

Web Gallery of Art:  Good reference for lots of art history images.

University of Washington Libraries: Digital collections.


All Together Now: A digital collaborative and interactive music project.

Art: 21 - Companion website to the DVD series.  Some episodes available to view online.

Good general art site, mostly image links to museums.

Mark Hardin's Artchive
Great link with alphabetical listing of artists, mostly contemporary and historical European.

Canva Color Wheel 
Explore color theory and color combinations

The Design & Publishing Center
Design, typography, graphics, illustration, writing, printing, publishing, advertising, signs and displays for graphic communicators.

Google Images: A comprehensive search engine for images.

Prints and Photographs Division
Advertising and Propaganda, American Memory Project, Library of Congress which comprise an estimated 13.7 million items.

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