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English 101: Home

This guide will help English 101 students with topic selection, narrowing or broadening the topic, and development of a research strategy. Students will also learn how to use various online databases and get searching tips for Google.


This Research Guide is intended to assist English 101 students with library research.  This guide will discuss the development of a manageable topic, brainstorming search terms, using research tools available through the Skagit Valley College libraries, searching the web, and evaluating and citing sources. 

Table of Contents

I. Home

II. Topic Selection

III. Keywords and Subject Headings

IV. Library Catalog

V. Library Databases

VI. Searching the Web

VII. Plagiarism

VIII. Citing Your Sources


Are you comfortable with information research?  For some of you, this may feel like a new experience.  In reality, we need information every day.  How do you find the statistics on your favorite sport?   How do you decide what car to buy?  These are just examples of information needs we encounter in our lives.

In college, you may have class assignments that require you to gather information, analyze what you find, and draw some conclusions.  In the beginning, it seems like a big job. This guide will provide tips to help you find information.  Use the tabs above to organize your information gathering process and become a successful library researcher.

First lesson:  it's okay to ask for help.  Librarians work to make information available to students.  We love to help you find the information you need and we love to show you how it's done.  Just ask!

Click on "Ask a Librarian" to get help from a librarian any time of the day.  You can also find this link on the library web site.  These librarians may not work for Skagit Valley College, but they can help you with our databases.

Subject Guide

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