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English 101: Finding Topics

This guide will help English 101 students with library research



  1. What are the guidelines for the assignment?
  2. How long (in-depth) is the paper supposed to be? 
  3. How many sources do you need?
  4. What types of sources do you need?

Tutorial Videos About Topics

1 minute tutorials from Credo Database:

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Where to find Topics on the Internet


Allsides: Topics & Issues in the news

Pew Research Center: Topics

Tutorial: How to Use CREDO Reference Database

Starting Places & Background Information

  • Some of the sources in this list provide basic details, important names, places, dates, and other factual information.
  • Some cover current events or hot-button issues, and many provide lists of topic ideas 
  • These sources are good places to look for a topic or to find background information on a topic.

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