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Student Research Guide WQ24/ AI Impacts on Amazon

Student Research Guide for Library 201/ Gracie Musga

What is this Guide for?


The Impacts of AI on the Company Amazon  


 This is a student created research guide for English 102 & Library 201 Learning community


This guide will explore in what ways Amazon uses artificial intelligence, and how it effects the workers, customers, and the company overall.

The research thesis of this guide is to explore how Amazon's overuse of artificial intelligence will result in a door being opened that allows this technology to threaten society.


The research questions addresses in this guide are:

  1. In what ways does Amazon use artificial intelligence?
  2. How does the use of artificial intelligence effect customers?
  3. Does having artificial intelligence in the workplace affect job opportunities?



Since the 1950’s, artificial intelligence has been on a consistent rise. Each day this technology becomes more advanced, more popular, and more depended on among different business corporations, and society as a whole. The company Amazon is one of these companies that has become dependent on artificial intelligence. The question is, does Amazon’s dependance on artificial intelligence open doors that allow for this technology to threaten society? The methodology used was multiple online searches using the following: SVC database, Google scholar, a general google search, university websites, and the company Amazon’s website. Over 10 articles, journals, and videos were found regarding this topic. The results included that Amazon depends on AI in every aspect of their company, the excessive use of AI decreases the amount of job opportunities, and AI threatens people's privacy and increases the risk of biased, tired individuals. That being said, the answer to the research question is indeed that Amazon’s use of artificial intelligence opens a door that allows for this technology to threaten society. More research about other companies' use of artificial intelligence is needed to fully understand all the risks that affect society as a whole.

Background Information

The uprise of artificial intelligence started all the way back in the 1950's. Since then, technology has become even more advanced, and even more popular. Today it is used by people and companies all around the world on a day-to-day basis. The company Amazon was been using artificial intelligence for over 25 years now, and they are still making advancements till this day. Although this may be very helpful for the success of Amazon, there are still many concerns that arise. Some of these include issues with bias, privacy, and a decrease on job opportunities. With the influence of bigger corporations utilizing this newer technology, there is fear that it wont be long before society has normalized it.  

Video, Graph, or Image

This video below presents background information on the company Amazon, an how it affects the world/society. This is important to the topic because it allows for a full understanding of how Amazon came to be and how all different aspects of their company affects people as a whole and individually. 

Source citation:

Amazon. (2022). In Films On Demand. Films Media Group.

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