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Global Issues Guide: Consumption/Consumerism

A starting point for a wide range of global issues topics


  • Academic Search Premier features journals and magazines with a few newspapers. The articles are full-text .  Articles can be emailed, printed, and appropriate citations available.
  • ProQuest features journal, magazine and newspaper articles. You can email, print and cite articles.  Trade publications and major newspapers are a highlight of this database.
  • Facts on File: Issues & Controversies provides pros and cons on hundreds of issues.  Background information, statistics, and discussion questions make this a good place to find tune a topic.
  • Films on Demand has documentaries on social issues, a scholarly YouTube.  You can use clips for presentations.

Library Materials


  • Consumerism from Wikipedia (this article cannot be edited) - use for definition and overview of the topic.
  • Consumption and Consumerism
  • International Energy Outlook 2017 presents an assessment by the Energy Information Administration (ELA) of the outlook for international energy makers through 2035.
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