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Global Issues Guide: Drug Legalization

A starting point for a wide range of global issues topics


  • Credo Online Reference provides articles from specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries.  This is a good starting source for research. Articles can be emailed, printed or saved and citations are provided.
  • Facts on File: Issues and Controversies has in-depth investigations of today's top issues. Pro/Con arguments are helpful.
  • Academic Search Premier provides full-text articles in magazines and journals. Articles can be emailed, printed, or saved with proper citations.
  • ProQuest provides full-text articles in newspapers (for exampel: New York Times and Wall Street Journal), magazines, journals and more. Articles can be emailed, printed or saved with proper citaitons.
  • Films on Demand provides scholarly films and/or clips on social science subjects. Copy the segment URL to use in Power Point presentations or a paper.  Citations are provided.

Library Materials


  • How to stop the Drug Wars from the Economist, March 5, 2009, a respected British news magazine
  • Legality of Cannabis from Wikipedia.  This article cannot be edited.
  • Marijuana  MedlinePlus from the National Library of Medicine describes marijuana used for medical purposes and provides links to other sources.

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Drug legalization

Illlicit drugs



Medical Marijuana

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