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Sights & Sounds of Society: Art & Music Research Guide: Library Materials

This guide is created for the Sights & Sounds Learning Community.

How to Find Materials in the Library

This page will help you find music-related materials in the Library. Below you'll find some pre-linked searches to specific subjects. Or, you can use the Search box to search One Search. To limit to only materials in the Library, choose Library Catalog in the Search In: box. 

Subject searches

Click the following Subject Headings to find books, dvds and other library materials related to a topic:


Art American

Art History

Artists Biography

Artists Materials


Choral Music


Composition Music

Music (can be narrowed by country or genre)

Music Acoustics & Physics

Music Appreciation

Musicians - Biography



Search the Catalog

Use the search below to search OneSearch to find books, articles and more from the SVC Libraries and our online databases. 

  • To find materials in the libraries, choose Search in: Library, otherwise, choose Everything.  
  • To find materials about a composer, type in their name: ie: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • To combine terms use AND: medieval music AND chant

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