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SVC Faculty Essential Competencies Research Guide

Guide for faculty that contains resources and recommendations for high-impact practices, faculty competencies, and more

Competency A: Instructional Excellence Competency Definition

Demonstrates—and sustains through professional development— instructional excellence that supports student achievement by adopting high impact practices, incorporating subject matter expertise, and drawing on SVC resources (including technology, library resources, and/or student services).

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Examples of Practices that Demonstrate Competency

Consider using these as search terms in SVC library databases, catalog, and/or the internet to begin your professional development research. (Examples are linked to SVC library catalog)

Backward Design

Cultural Competence

Bias (cognitive, unconcious or implicit, conscious, prejudice, etc.)

Anti-Racism / Antiracism

Inclusive Pedagogy

High-Impact Practice

"Teaching for Understanding"

Additional Resources Related to Competency

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