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Evaluating Websites & Internet Sources

Use this guide to help evaluate internet sources

Google Options

The following links offer some ways to control or manage your Google searches.

See Google Advanced Search tutorial on this page

Google Advanced Search Tutorial

Compare Websites

Anyone can produce a website for any purpose. Establishing credibility on the Internet requires careful attention and use of verification techniques to ensure trust in the information you find there.

The following are some examples of websites that could be considered questionable, depending on your point of view.  They may have bias. While one can use biased websites to illustrate different sides of a debate, it is important to understand specifically how a source might be biased, and in what ways, before you use it for any kind of research.

The following sites are about birth control:

The following sites are about vaccinations:

The following sites are organizations for pediatricians:

Real or Phony?

Take a look at the following websites and carefully decide if they are usable for research.  Remember...looks can be deceiving.  Try using the Criteria for Evaluating Websites if you need help. Also look at information provided in other boxes to understand why website evaluation is important:

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