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Sociology 101: Soc101: Websites and Internet Searching

Resources for Sociology 101

Google Advanced and Scholar

Google Advanced Search
Allows you to search specific fields, exact phrases, types of domains, and in general have more control over your Google Search.

Google Scholar
Search for scholarly works and articles from .edu sites. Please note that sometimes there is a paywall or limitations on access.

Evaluating Internet Resources

Use this checklist when you need help evaluating Internet Resources

  • Has the source been recently updated? 
  • Are the dates relevant to your needs?
  • Does the creator provide a balanced perspective or an opinion?
  • Is the information backed up by evidence, data, or are references provided?
  • Is the creator or organization an expert?
  • What are their credentials?
  • Who is the publisher or sponsor?
  • Is there an obvious bias?
  • What is the tone or intent of the source?
  • Are you being sold something?


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