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Psychology Research Guide: Search the Internet

Tools & Tips for Psychology Research

Searching Google

  • Limit searches to domains 
  • Search exact phrases
  • Search for terms only in a part of a document, like the title
  • To search specific languages or in certain regions
  • Maintain better control over the types of results you get

Use Google Basic Search Help

Use Google Search Operators

Tips for Searching Google

  • Keep it simple!  Use only the most relevant words.  Don't use "a", "an", or "the". 
  • Use Google Advanced Search to broaden or narrow your search.
  • Searches can be narrowed to domains such as .EDU or .ORG by including or                
    • Example:  Behaviorism
  • Use + or - to require or exclude certain words in the search
    • Example:  +Behaviorism +Skinner
    • Example:  +Behaviorism -Watson
  • Use quotes " " to search phases
    • Example:  "Operant conditioning"
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