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Plagiarism: For Faculty

Reporting Plagiarism at SVC

When an instructor determines that a student has violated the SVC Academic Honor Code:

• S/he will contact the student to discuss the situation as soon as possible prior to the posting of final grades and allow the student to present his/her perspective on the case (meeting with the student is not required in subsequent occurrences of academic dishonesty);

• The instructor will document the incident and contact the appropriate student conduct officer;

• The instructor may invite the student conduct officer to join in the meeting with the student and/or the officer may hold a separate disciplinary conference with the student.

• The instructor will determine how to grade the assignment and/or the course in keeping with the policies outlined in the course syllabus.

• Instructors are to grade course assignments in light of work completed during the current quarter only.

• The student conduct administrator will decide what, if any, college disciplinary action will be taken.

Why do Students Plagiarize?

Students may plagiarize because they:

  • feel overwhelmed with school and life.
  • have a lack of understanding of how to cite material from other sources.
  • feel fear of asking for help with assignments.
  • have difficulty finding and evaluating research materials.
  • have problems evaluating internet sources.
  • have confusion between plagiarism and paraphrasing.

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