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Open Education Resources: An Introduction

OER overview, licensing, evaluating, ethics, citating, and more


Open Source Initiative promotes open source software, development, and communities. 

Open Source Licenses allow software to be freely use, modifies, and shared.  The following are OSE-approved licenses are popular, widely used, or have strong communities

More Open software licenses are available.  Licenses by Name 

Open Software License 3.0

One example of a Open Software License is:    OSL-3.0    This Open Software License applies to any original work of authorship has placed the follow licensing notice adjacent to the copyright notice for the original work:

Licensed under the Open Software version 3.0

This grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sublicensable license, for the duration of the copyright to do the following:

  • Reproduce the original work in copies, alone or as part of a collective work
  • Create derivative work based upon the original work. Translate, adapt, alter, transform, modify, or arrage the original work 
  • Distribute
  • Perform
  • Display
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