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Automotive Technology Guide

Guide to Library and Internet resources for Automotive Technology

What is this page for?

This page provides tips and assistance in using OneSearch, the library catalog

What is OneSearch?

  • OneSearch is what we call our library catalog.

  • It will show you almost EVERYTHING that the library owns on a topic or subject area. It's like a Google Search for the SVC library.

  • That means you might see results for books, eBooks, academic or research journal articles, newspaper articles, streaming videos, reports, reference entries, etc. all mixed together.

How to search OneSearch, the SVC Library Catalog

How to Search:

1. To start, enter your terms (also called keywords) into the search box -  use only the most basic words, leave off "The", "A", "An", etc.

2. If you want your results to be more specific, once you've done a search, use the filters along the left side of the page to narrow down further.

  • Example: Narrow down by specific dates (2016, 2000-2022)
  • Example: Narrow down by type of sources (newspaper articles only, books only, etc.)
    • Note: The little number next to the source type tells you how many results there are
  • Example: Narrow down by things that are "available in the library" 

3. To find out more about the article or book, etc., enter the record by clicking on it.

4. To access the item

  • If it has a physical location, check which library and copy the location number (where it says available at...) and ask for help finding it.


  • If it has a digital/online location, click on the options listed in the white box, where it says "VIEW ONLINE" in the middle of the page. (You may need to login with your MYSVC username and password in order to see the full text article.)


Try a search in the OneSearch Search Box:

How to use OneSearch video tutorial

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