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Jewish American Heritage

Guide to showcase and highlight resources related to Jewish American Heritage.

What is this page for?

This page provides research resources

Search terms

  • When doing research on a topic, the more specific the terms entered into a search box, the fewer results you will get. 
  • Good practice means that you may have to experiment with your terms and use the results you find to help you hone in on the best ones for your needs.
  • Combine 2 terms with the word AND to refine a search
  • Use OR between to words to search for 2 related options 

Here are some examples of search terms linked to the library catalog:


Orthodox Judaism










OneSearch Tutorial (16 min.)

Databases for research

  1. What are databases for? Use the research databases to locate in-depth research articles in newspapers, magazines, and scholary journals or academic sources. Search with specific search terms
  2. How do I start? To do a search, select a database (if off campus, login with your SVC username and password) and enter your terms
  3. LINKS:

Streaming Film/Media

Try searching our streaming film/media databases, these can also count as research sources (check with your instructor first)

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