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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Phone Use and its Effects on Sleep


What is this Guide for?

Phone Use and its Effects on Sleep

This is a student created research guide for English 102 & Library 201 Learning community

This guide will explore the complex relationship people have with their cell phones, and how it affects their sleep.

The research thesis is about the effects phone use has on your sleep, this includes sleep quality and quantity. Different environments, times, and hours a phone is used are explored to see how they enhance or decrease a phone's affect on sleep. 

The research questions in this guide are:

  • How does phone use affect sleep quality?
  • How does phone use affect the amount we sleep?
  • Does phone affect sleep quality at all?
  • Can phone use actually be useful to sleep?
  • Are people aware of the effect of phone use on sleep?


Phones have become an essential part of life and are used by most people every minute of every day. It has changed the way people communicate, their posture, and social/political structures. Constant phone use has been happening ever since cell phones became easily accessible and moveable in the early 2000s. There have been many claims as to what certain devices do to people’s, especially teenager’s brains but there was never enough evidence to support any claim. Now it has been long enough where scientists can collect data about the changes to people’s brains and bodies because of extensive and constant phone use, especially the effects on people’s sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things human bodies need to function properly, so how exactly does constant phone use affect the way people sleep? That is what this research paper sought to find out. The methodology used for this paper was using medical based databases like (Skagit Valley College (SVC) database) to find more medical data and used Google Scholar and the SVC database for more general searches. The results of this paper found that there is a significate amount of data to support the claims of sleep being disturbed by constant phone use. It is also discovered that constant phone use can affect anxiety and depression, which also affects people’s overall mental health. There is some wiggle room to discuss how phone use before bed may help people already suffering with a sleep disorder but for many people their constant phone use, especially before bed, negatively affects the way they sleep. Implications would be there needs to be more studies done on the long-term effects that constant phone use has on sleep and the brain, if there are any at all. These studies also need multiple age groups to see if the effects differ between them.  

Background Information

Phones were originally created for faster means of communication, and while they have done that they have also created a worldwide addiction. Phone addiction is becoming more prominent, especially in the younger generations. Phones are a pillar of everyday life and they've become a big part of today's socialization and information spreading. Without a phone people become disconnected from the world and other people, which can fuel someone's need to constantly use their phone. 

Video, Graph, or Image

This is a short video that approaches phone use affects on sleep more scientifically. This video provides an interesting and different perspective on the way phone use affects someone's body. This video is also very informative and isn't shaming anyone for their phone use, it encourages humans to work as a team and help each other stop this damaging habit.

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