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SVCCaptures Guide: svccaptures

Describes how to join the SVC Instagram drawing prompts project

What is this page for?

This page describes the process for joining our creative, stress-relieving Instagram hashtag...   #svccaptures  

Let's have a little fun!
(image provided from the Noun Project)

What is #SVCcaptures? Instructions for participants

SVCcaptures is a fun and easy way to feel connected, creative, and to de-stress. If you join our hashtag (#svccaptures), every other week you will see 3 random prompts to draw or create a piece that covers all 3 prompts and post it to our hashtag. 

What do I need?

  • a cell phone that you can take pictures with
  • an Instagram account
  • a smidge of "think-out-of-the-box" attitude and an ounce of creative spirit!

How do I do it?

  1. check on Instagram for  #svccaptures
  2. you will find 3 prompts - an action, some garb (something to wear or hold), and a description. The prompts will be pretty silly, something like:
    1. chatting with a deer
    2.  holding a scepter
    3. very tall
  3. you will also find a specific hashtag that goes with the specific prompts for the post of the week
  4. create a piece of art that follows ALL 3 prompts - any medium (draw it with a pencil, paint it, make it with legos or cardboard, collage it!)
  5. take a picture and post your piece on Instagram with BOTH hashtags: #svccaptures AND #________ (the prompt specific one that is provided with each post)
  6. still not sure? You can find some examples here: #tallscepterholdingdeerchatting
  7. even if you don't want to participate, just follow the hashtags to see your friends' posts!

Who can join?

  • any aged person - do it with your kids or your grandparents!

Are there any rules?

  • not really, you can spend a lot of time on it, or a little
  • it can be a quick sketch or an elaborate painting or sculpture
  • you can use any kind of medium as long as it follows the 3 prompts
  • keep it clean for the kids

One more thing:

  • we reserve the right to take down any posts deemed inappropriate.


Current prompts (draw it, take a picture, tag it): 

Laughing/ Has Cloven Hooves/ pursued by something

Current hashtag (to tag it with)#laughingclovenhovespursued

Also tag it with: #svccaptures

Then follow along!


New prompts will be posted every other Wednesday!

Where did the idea come from?

This idea came from the #transmundanetuesdays project via illustrator and artist, Carson Ellis. You can follow the hashtag or find her description here:

Carson Ellis' Blog Post

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