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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Apple and the Smartphone Market

By Timothy Scammel

What is this Guide for?

Why Apple Should Not Be as Celebrated as They Are.

This is a student created research guide for English 102 & Library 201 Learning community



This guide will discuss why Apple should not be as celebrated as they are. Some research question this guide will aim to answer are: How has Apple obtained materials for their products and approached manufacturing? How has Apple abused their platform for their benefit? What strategies has Apple used to make the iPhone the most popular smartphone? Was Steve Jobs a great man or a jerk?


Although Apple is one of the most celebrated and well-known brands in the world, there is not much awareness of why Apple should maybe not be as celebrated as they are. This research paper will look at why Apple should not be as celebrated as they are. The methodology used was a search of reliable and well-known research found in the SVC databases, Google Scholar, and reliable news sites such as The New York Times. 11 articles were compiled and annotated. The findings show that Apple should not be as celebrated as they are because of how they approach obtaining materials and manufacturing. Also, Apple has abused their platform to become popular. Apple could be setting a good example for other brands to follow, but Apple is more concerned with sales and looking good in the public eye than making the world a better place. The implications show that more consumers need to be aware of what Apple is doing behind the scenes, and need to call for a change so that other companies may follow.

Background Information

With Apple being one of the most esteemed and accomplished brands in the world, especially with Apple's iPhone being the most popular smartphone on the market by far, not many consumers know what exactly Apple is doing behind the scenes.

Apple is exploiting workers in other countries for cheap labor and resources, Apple uses China for most of their manufacturing where the workers are not treated well and work long grueling hours. Apple also obtains a lot of their resources to make their products from various countries where the workers are constantly in dangerous working conditions, with many of the workers being children who make less than a single dollar a day.

There's a reason why Apple's iPhone is the most popular worldwide and dominant in America. Apple has used the psychology of inclusion and have abused the IOS ecosystem/platform to make their products the most popular.

Apple's founder and former CEO Steve Jobs was a shrewd, successful, and highly esteemed businessman, but also was an apathetic, cold blooded, and egotistical human being. 


The Video shows some information on how manufacturing workers for Apple are treated at Foxconn China. The presenter talks about about how the working conditions in factories that produce Apple products have led to many cases of suicide.


This image shows workers in Foxconn China manufacturing electronics for Apple. Manager is in yellow suit and workers in white suits.


File:Electronics factory in Shenzhen.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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