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Nursing Research Guide: Library Materials

This guide provides help in find reliable nursing information, describes library article databases, books and reputable web sites. In addition help in APA citing and Evidence Based Practice are linked.

What is this page for?

This page provides information on locating SVC Library resources such as books and ebooks

Searching the Catalog

Use the Library Catalog to find books, DVDs, or other materials in the library (see the tutorial on this page)

Search by topic, title or author (last name first). 

When searching by topic, or word, type in a broad topic, for example, nursing or diabetes.

Try a search below!

Quick search for books, videos, and other library materials




The library has hundreds of electronic books, or ebooks, available for student use.  To see them:

  • Log in with your MySVC/Canvas username and password to search

In the Library

Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Judgment

What are critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment? -- Developing critical thinking -- Critical thinking and learning cultures : teaching, learning, and taking tests -- Clinical reasoning and clinical judgment -- Ethical reasoning, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement -- Practicing clinical reasoning skills : applying the nursing process -- Interpersonal, teamwork, and self-management skills.

Physical aspects of care : nutritional, dermatologic, neurologic, and other symptoms

Fatigue -- Anorexia and cachexia -- Artificial nutrition and hydration -- Urinary tract disorders -- Lymphedema management -- Skin disorders : pressure ulcers prevention and management -- Skin disorders : malignant wounds, fistulas, and stomas -- Pruritus, fever, and sweats / Philip J. Larkin -- Neurological disorders -- Anxiety and depression -- Insomnia.

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