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Media Literacy Guide: How Media Leans

Determining what is fake news is necessary and can be difficult. This research guide's purpose is to explain steps for finding the facts, how to use one's judgment and give examples for clarification.

Understanding differences between news sources

Where do your news sources stand?

News sources vary in how they report the news.  It is good to know how your newspaper, TV news or social media site leans.  Are they neutral, conservative or liberal?  It is also important to know who made the evaluation.

The News Bias Chart below was created by patent attorney Vanessa Otero.

Her reasons for its creation: We are living in a time where we have more information available to each of us than ever before in history. However, we are not all proficient at distinguishing between good information and bad information, This is true for liberal, moderate, and conservative people. I submit that these two circumstances are highly related to why our country is so politically polarized at the moment.”

~ Otero, Vanessa. News Bias Chart. 13 Dec 2016

The chart caused some backlash - links to other charts are below.

Articles about

Gabler, Neal "The Media Bias Myth; Liberal? Conservative? It's not about ideology. The real battle is over the proper role of journalism" from the LA Times, 22 Dec 2002: M1

Measuring media bias: a content analysis of Time and Newweek coverage of domestic social issues, 1975-2000 by Tawnya J. Adkins Covert and Philo C. Washburn from Social Science Quarterly Sept 2007 (must have access to Academic Search Premier as SVC student or staff or has access from their public library)

Monitoring Bias

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