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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Impact of Technology on Education

By Sydney Lupien

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What is this Guide for?


This guide will discuss how using technology in schools has affected students

This is a student-created research guide for English 102 & Library 201 Learning Community

  • What is your focused thesis? 

Using technology in school as a teaching tool is beneficial for the teachers and students.

  • What are the specific research questions you intend to answer?

 The questions listed below are the questions I have asked since starting my research and reading sources.

  • When should technology be introduced to kids?
  • Is technology coinvent or beneficial?
  • How do kids prefer to learn?
  • do students feel the negative effects of technology?
  • Will this help all students think and learn more deeply?
  • How will this tech empower students to control their own learning?
  • does learning through technology go further than the classroom?
  • do we ever stop learning?
  • if technology is a part of everyday life why shouldn't it be in the classroom?
  •  In what ways would we need to change schools?
  • If in the past we learned without technology, then why do we need it now?



With the never-ending evolution of technology, it has become a bigger part of learning and is implemented in every school. Kids are using some form of technology every day in the classroom, allowing them access to thousands of resources and platforms to help them learn. However, with technology being a bigger part of the school day than ever there has been a debate started over whether or not it is beneficial to the kids. This debate sparked the question, is using technology in a learning environment what’s best for the students? The extensive research to back this paper was found from multiple SVC databases, google scholar, scholarly articles, and ted talks from experts in the field total of fifteen informational sources. Almost all the research resulted in the same conclusion, that technology is useful for teachers and students and allows the students to access more knowledge in less time in a format that they can easily understand. Some articles said that it is only beneficial in limited times and to truly benefit the kids it needs to be paired with other face-to-face lessons but still saw technology as a useful learning tool. So, is using technology in a learning environment what’s best for the students? Yes, it is, and it is beneficial to the teachers as well. How does this affect the future? Since the first generation of students who have been heavily exposed to technology in school is just beginning, they should be studied in the future to see if there may have been effects not seen before. However, the only other worry is keeping up with technology in schools.

Background Information

Technology in school is a largely debated topic, some people think it's beneficial while others think it isn't needed. However, no one person gets to decide where technology can and can't be used. While doing my research I look for statics and options on the issue to see what people really thought. When kids were asked if they liked learning on computers 92% said yes they did like learning on computers. When researched by scientists, it was found that technology can actually help kids focus and stay on track while learning. On the other side of this argument, people believe that we are used to teaching without technology so we shouldn't be used now. they also believe that constant exposure to technology is bad for a growing child's brain, and can cause eye and memory issues later in life. However, these points are not as convincing as the teachers and students who support technology in learning environments. 

Video, Graph, or Image


This video covers the pros and cons of using technology for teaching purposes. It goes into depth and the history of teaching and how we have gone ages without it, compared to the advances technology has made to benefit kids in school.



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