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Student Research Guide: Space Exploration to Mars: Home

Jacob's template for final project

Introduction to the Topic

 In this Research Guide we will be diving into the topic of space exploration. Specifically we will be taking a look into space exploration to Mars. We will hopefully answering questions to these questions. What were some of the first advancements in Mars exploration? What were was the most recent advancements in Mars exploration? Who is working on these advancements? What are the benefits of doing so much research on Mars? My goal will to explain and observe these advancements. I truly hope that this helps you in your research.

Keywords for searching the topic

  • MARS
  • NASA

Best Databases/Search Engines

The Environment Complete

This database was quite useful. I know the name does not sound like but there were plenty of articles and other resources that relate to Mars and  Space Exploration. Log in with full SVC email address and password.

History Reference Center

This was an exceptional database. This gave me many article and resources to past articles and journals that relates to Mars. Log in with full SVC email address and password.


Science Reference Center 

This was absolutely the best database for this topic and any topic regarding any type of science but very well for space sciences and Astronomy. This will give so many resources for your topic just like it did for my topic.  Log in with full SVC email address and password.

Start Your Research Here

"BOLDEN, C. (2016). Mars Matters. Vital Speeches of the Day, 82(6), 158–160." Accessed May 8th, 2020. 

This is an overview of the speech Barack Obama gave at they Kennedy Space Center and challenged NASA to put American Astronauts on Mars in the 2030s. I would like to think that this was a monumental step towards Space Exploration and Mars. 


"Crane, L. (2019). Destination: MARS. New Scientist, 242(3234), 38." Accessed May 15th, 2020. 

This by far is my favorite resource/article I have ever read upon Mars and Space Exploration. Leah Crane goes in depth on what we need to do for a successful mission to Mars. She goes into detail on a multitude of subjects like what we need to do to leave Earth. How long would a mission like that would take with current rocket technology. She even talks about how we should create a team that would make this trip successful. 




For articles that link to library databases, be sure to link the title of the article with the Record URL or Permalink that includes in the link. 


"Climate Change: Should the U.S. Government Take Aggressive Steps to Combat Climate Change?" Issues & Controversies, Infobase, 5 Nov. 2019, Accessed 13 Dec. 2019.

This article provided a good overview of the climate change issue and mostly focused on whether government should have a role. This directly addresses my research question. The source was useful for background information and to help generate keywords.

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