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Election 2020 Faculty Guide

Resources for post election support

What is this guide for?

This is a resource guide for faculty for post-election 2020


The 2020 Election will impact faculty, staff, and students’ lives, regardless of the outcome. All elections create some feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. The effects of COVID-19 further exacerbate these feelings. As faculty, we can help support students as they cope with the pressures of politics, home-life, mental-health struggles, work, and college.

This guide provides information on how to navigate teaching during and after the election so that students and faculty can continue to thrive in teaching and learning. Topics include:

Establishing and maintaining compassionate dialogue

Engaging and informing students about the election

Addressing the impacts of trauma in the classroom

Self and colleague care for faculty

Promoting racial justice during an election

****Please note that the College is on remote operations due to concerns related to Covid -19. Find out about Library Services during this time.
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