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Student Research Guide: Anorexia Nervosa: Home

Introduction to Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that causes people to be obsessive about there weight and also leads to self-starvation and a fear of having fat on the body. My research is mainly about how social media can affect people with anorexia both positively and negatively. Through social media people with anorexia can find support groups to help each other through there treatment process. On the other hand, social media can be a very dangerous experience due to the toxic chat rooms of the 'Pro-Ana' movement (The 'Pro-Ana' movement is an online community of people enduring anorexia). Nowadays, everyone is on social media and I found out that people with eating disorders are affected more heavily than the average person.

Some questions that helped me guide my research topic:

  1. What impact does social media have with people who have anorexia?
  2. How can social media help support the recovery of  people with Anorexia?
  3. How can social media endanger the lives of people with Anorexia?
  4. How can social media create eating disorders like Anorexia?

Start Your Research Here

When you are starting your research, I suggest you start with these resource because they are my number one choices when it comes to finding out how social media can effect or even lead to mental diseases like anorexia nervosa. 


1.) This article helps explain the dangers of social media related to all types of eating disorders. It explains how the images on certain websites can cause teens in adolescent to have body image concerns, which eventually leads to bad eating habits. 

2.) This page talks about the definitions Anorexia Nervosa and the cause and effects of the eating disorder. This site is very helpful to inform people that don't know much about the eating disorder of Anorexia Nervosa. ( You will have to log into your school account to access this website.)



Going through this research guide might be triggering to people that suffer from an eating disorder. This research guide is meant to help people looking for information on how social media can affect people with anorexia. I do no promote any type of eating disorders.

If you do struggle with an eating disorder, please reach out and help yourself get the support you need.

Crises Text Line: “Home.” Crisis Text Line,

National Eating Disorder Association: “Find a NEDA Walk Near You!” National Eating Disorders Association,

Stats of Anorexia


In my research I have found that the correlation between social media and eating disorders like anorexia is very strong. This means that social media is affecting people and even pressuring children to have so called "perfect bodies" that is causing these horrible eating habits. These graphs both support the claim that social media can and mostly will effect the way people will see themselves. This can be very dangerous to people with anorexia because it creates an image in their minds called body dysmorphia. 

Madden, Mary, et al. “Part 1: Teens and Social Media Use.” Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech, Pew Research Center, 31 Dec. 2019,

National Eating disorder, Association. “Going to Extremes: Eating Disorders.” CNN, Cable News Network,

Best Databases/Search Engines

Keywords for searching the topic

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Eating Disorder or "ED"
  • Social Media 
  • Online 
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Thinspiration
  • Self-Starvation
  • Pro-Ana
  • Body Image
  • Impact
  • Depression
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