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LIB201: Intro to Critical Information Studies

Learn about SVC Libraries' new 5-credit information course. Learn how to find and use information at the college level! Approved for direct transfer to WWU as a social science distribution credit.

Course outcomes

LIB201 graduates have the skills and experience to complete a college-level research project (assignment, essay, presentation, report, literature review, etc.) efficiently, without the stress that comes from information overwhelm. 

Specifically, you will leave the class with the following skills that transfer to both school and work environments:

  • Define and develop an academic-level research topic. 
  • Develop project and information management skills related to academic research.  
  • Practice information finding and evaluation skills across multiple format type and genres.
  • Analyze their information-seeking behavior and explain how they search. 
  • Practice citing sources and ethical use of information in academic research. 
  • Discuss and evaluate current issues in scholarly communication, including copyright, open access and intellectual freedom. 
  • Discuss and evaluate arguments related to current information issues in society, including privacy, digital divide, impact of social media, “fake news” and our own consumption and management of online resources. 

Topics covered

1. Introduction to the Research Process & Libraries

2. Finding Sources: What is Authoritative?

3. Understanding How to Search

4. Researching Beyond the SVC Library & Citing Sources

5. The Internet & Managing Information Overload

6. Your Online Presence and Privacy

7. Reporting the Results of your Research: Joining the Academic Conversation

8. The Nature of Authority: News and Government Sources

9. Information Access

10. Information Technology: Where Are We Headed


Technology Fast & Reflection

Securing Your Online Identity 

Research Guide/Annotated Bibliography Drafting & Final

Weekly Reflections

Reading Quizzes

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