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Student Research Guide: Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: Advice to My Fellow-Students

Tips and Tricks

There are many different ways to research this topic. The way you type things in can limit or expand your results for PRP. For example using parentheses and punctuation can impact the results a lot. What worked best for me was using the " PRP therapy" for example. Or I would spell it out completely, such as " Platelet-rich plasma therapy/injection " . Believe me it will change what you get in results just by spelling it out. 



My doctor

This is the doctor that performed both procedures on my elbow. I owe him all the credit because he was very professional. But also has had lots of experience in his line of work. He performs many procedures on college and professional baseball players and was the team doctor for the Seattle Mariners for 10 years. And I also talked to him about sports medicine because that is the career path I would like to go down and he had some great advice. 

Advice and Guidance

My advice to other students doing research projects is first, gather as many sources as you can find to be helpful. Then from there you will be able to narrow them down to the ones that are more specific and solid information. And to also keep looking for resources because there are so many out there and one source can make a huge difference. I would also highly recommend staying away from blogs and reviews. Why is because is different with their injuries and the shot doesn't work for all people and it can put doubt in your mind that it does not work at all. But that is not true. On the online site for the SVC library you can go to a reference center that will show you many different articles and information on almost any topic you want. The center that worked best for me was the " Nursing reference center ". This was helpful because to dive into my topic more I had to do more research on sports medicine and learn about the body and how injuries can occur or why they occur. That database really helped me out along the way to give me a better and more clear understadning.

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