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Student Research Guide: Conversion Therapy: Other Sources

Other Sources

Larsen, Devinn. “Striving for Change: California’s Attempt to Outlaw Conversion Therapy.” University of the Pacific Law Review,

vol. 50, no. 2, Jan. 2019, pp. 285–300. EBSCOhost. Accessed Nov. 8 2019.

This article is not neccessarily part of my main topic, but it covers the legal side to conversion therapy.


Harmon, Angela. "Sexual Identity (LGBTQI)." Gale Encyclopedia of Children's Health: Infancy Through Adolescence, edited by Gale,

3rd edition, 2016. Credo Reference. Accessed 30 Oct. 2019

This encyclopedia article gives great background information on sexual identity in youths. While it covers conversion therapy briefly, I found that it was most helpful as a reference to the topic of sexual identity as a whole.

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