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Media Literacy Guide: Home

Determining what is fake news is necessary and can be difficult. This research guide's purpose is to explain steps for finding the facts, how to use one's judgment and give examples for clarification.


In order to be good citizens we need to know what is happening in our government, cities, schools, etc. We get that information from many sources: newspapers, television and radio, social media and from our family and friends.  Knowing when the news is reliable and true can be difficult.  This research guide will cover:

  • How to evaluate what you read or hear
  • Fake news: what it is and why it matters
  • Sources for fact checking
  • Journalism standards for newspapers and news media
  • Social media and how we get the news


Where do you get your news?

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In the Library---Check it out!

The Death and Life of American Journalism
What Is Happening to News: the information explosion and the crisis in journalism
The News and Its Future
A Field Guide to Lies: critical thinking in the information age
Believing Bullshit: how not to get sucked into an intellectual black hole
Losing the news:the future of the news that feeds democracy

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