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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Phone Use and its Effects on Sleep


Major Findings From This Research

The research conducted in this paper found the following:

  • Phone use affects the way people feel after sleeping, making them feel tired despite sleeping a solid amount
  • Phone use contributes to disturbed sleep 
  • There is substantial evidence found to support phone use's effect on sleep quality 
  • There are certain cases where phone use may help people sleep, but this is only for a small percentage of people who might already be struggling from a sleep disorder
  • Most people are aware that their phone may cause their sleeping problems, but they feel like cutting their phone use will change the way they sleep completely 

Research Advice and Reflection

Advice for future researchers:

It was hard to find evidence for things that aren't based on data, like the cultural significance of cell phones. During the process of finding evidence I found many studies that presented data but didn't explain the cultural significance of cell phones. The cultural aspect of cell phones was an important part of this paper so I had to look for other sources that had what I was looking for, but they usually didn't contain any supporting evidence which made them unusable.

Reflection on research experience:

The overall research experience was enjoyable. What I learned about this topic is something that could be implemented in my every day life, which made the research process more fun. Collecting evidence was easy because this topic is being researched more frequently. As my researched continued and deepened I found out that phone use affects more fundamental things like sleep in a person. One of the most interesting things to research were the cultural effects phone use had, despite it being hard to find evidence to back up the source's claims. 

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