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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Physical Impacts of Excessive Phone and Screen Use on Teens

By Alexa Morrow

Top 10 Resources

Top Ten Sources

  • ONLINE JOURNAL: "Cell-Phone Addiction: A Review". written by De-Sola Gutiérrez, José et al. Frontiers in psychiatry vol. 7 175. 24 Oct. 2016, doi:10.3389/fpsyt.2016.00175. 
    • This source was useful because it gave me new information and knowledge into the specifics of cell phone addiction. The perspective from this article gives me new information about data and studies relating to problematic use of cell phones and the damage it can cause to the mind and body.
  • ONLINE ARTICLE: "What to do About Teenage Cell Phone Addiction." Written and Published by BNI Treatment Centers. BNI Treatment Centers, 21 Sept. 2021.
    • This source provided me with insight on the solutions and how to handle a teenager that is struggling with cell phone addiction. This source also gives information on the signs to look for when noticing cell phone addiction in a teenager. Solutions and looking for signs early on to prevent the long term health risks in teenagers is an important part of my research and will help further my knowledge on my topic.
  • INTERNET NEWSLETTER: "Teenage Cell Phone Addiction: Are You Worried About Your Child?" Written by Katie Hurley, medically reviewed by Tracy Asamoah, MD. PSYCOM, 21 Oct 2022.
    • This newsletter provides information about children receiving psychotherapy, family therapy, and parent education. Katie Hurley works with children who have a range of disabilities, physical and mental, which includes dealing with teenagers and children who struggle with cell phone addiction and what comes from it. She explains some of the reasons why teenagers feel the need to spend so much time on their phone and how they get addicted.
  • ONLINE LIBRARY JOURNAL: "The Presence of Altered Craniocervical Posture and Mobility in Smartphone-Addicted Teenagers With Temporomandibular Disorders." Written by Kee, In-Kyung et al. Journal of physical therapy science vol. 28,2 (2016): 339-46. doi:10.1589/jpts.28.339.
    • This online journal specifically focuses on the issues with posture and mobility of the bone structure in the spine and neck in teenagers that are addicted to their cell phone. This source includes many keywords, studies, and research on cell phone use, muscular disorders of the head, neck and spine posture, etc. All of this information adds to my knowledge relating to the physical impacts that comes from cell phone addiction in teenagers.
  • ONLINE RESEARCH ARTICLE: "The Association Between Smartphone Addiction and Sleep: A UK Cross-Sectional Study of Young Adults." Written by Lauren Krasnoff et al., Frontiers in Psychiatry, vol. 12, March 2021. 
    • This source was written by Ben Carter, Lauren Krasnoff, Nicola Kalk, and two other authors. Ben Carter is a senior lecture at Kings College in London. Lauren Krasnoff is a student and intern at Kings College in London, and Nicola has her Doctorate at the Kings College in London. This article goes into details on the health risk that cell phones has on an individuals sleep. It gives information about insomnia, sleep disorders, and loss of sleep that is caused by long term use of cell phones. I can use this information to have better knowledge about the higher risk of insomnia caused by cell phone addiction. 
  • ONLINE ARTICLE: "What is Dopamine?" Written by Hope Cristol, medically reviewed by Smitha Bhandari, MD. WebMD, 14 June 2021. 
    • Smitha Bhandari completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and has her degree in Biology. She has been recognized for her clinical skills in medicine and was selected to be chief fellow in her final fellowship year. Hope Cristol is a medical writer and has her bachelors degree in journalism and a masters degree in science writing from John Hopkins University. Dopamine is one of the most common scientific reasonings for cell phone addiction. This source explains how dopamine plays a role in how our body and nervous system reacts to certain notifications, phone ringers, text messages, etc., which is a pathway for cell phone addiction and other serious health issues.
  • ONLINE MEDICAL ARTICLE: "Teenagers and Sleep: How Much Sleep is Enough?" John Hopkins Medicine. 
    • John Hopkins hospitals conducts biomedical research and they have improved the healthcare community with their medical education, research, and clinical care. This medical article specifically focuses on teenagers and how much sleep they need each night to support the development of their brains and their physical growth spurts. Having the information from this source backs up the part of my research on how cell phone addiction prevents getting the right amount of sleep for a teenager which exposes them to more health issues.
  • SCHOLARLY ARTICLE: "New Study Shows Impact of Technology on Relationships" Written by Julene Reese. UtahStateUniversity, 18 Nov 2019. ​​​​​​​
    • Julene Reese has the title of Extension Public Relations Specialists and writer. This source focuses on how the excessive use of cell phones can have a negative impact on different relationships such as intimate relationships, parent-child relationships, within families, etc. The survey findings from this article show the statistics of how cell phones effects different aspects of relationships. 
  • MEDICAL JOURNAL: "The relationship between smartphone addiction and musculoskeletal pain prevalence among young population: a cross-sectional study." Written by Mustafaoglu, Rustem et al. The Korean journal of pain vol. 34,1 (2021): 72-81. doi:10.3344/kjp.2021.34.1.72.
    • This medical journal explains in depth how smartphone addiction can cause an increase in musculoskeletal pain, and lead to more serious health issues and disorders. The information and study findings from this medical journal help my research come further along by expanding my knowledge on my topic and backing up my thesis on how cell phone addiction has several physical impacts on the human brain and body. 

Top 5-10 Recommended Keywords/Search Terms

Top Ten Key Words and Phrases

        1. Cell phone addiction

        2. Physical impacts from phones

        3. Teenage addiction

        4. Cell phone radiation

        5. Affects of cell phone addiction

        6. Risks of insomnia from cell phones

        7. Reduction strategies for cell phone addiction

        8. Craniocervical posture

        9. Risk of Long-Term Migraines from cell phone addiction

       10. Connection between dopamine and excessive use of a cell phone

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