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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Greek Philosophy and Influence on Time

By Kalee Palmer

Major Findings From This Research


  • The Sundial originated as a projection rod (a tall stick) and was found to originate from around 4000BC
  • The water clock was invented around 1400 BC 
  • Greek Philosopher, Plato (428-348BC)  invented one of the first alarm clocks from a large water clock that would signal an alarm using the flow of water and the rising air pressure.
  • Research shows that public mechanical clocks had a large impact on growth in more urban civilizations. 
  • The world standard of time is based on the prime meridian of Greenwich, London.
  • The mechanical clock was invented in the 13th Century 

Research Advice and Reflection


  • Maintain a calendar with all of your due dates
  • Create an outline- and stick to it. Modify as needed, but don’t allow yourself to get off track
  • Use Microsoft Excel to organize data 
  • Prepare your Reference/Works Cited list with annotations as you research- it cuts down a lot of time
  • Keep a log of searches- keywords, URL’s, key points, etc. 
  • Don’t trust Wikipedia. 
  • ALWAYS check the bibliography of your sources- its an excellent place to find more information
  • Think objectively, look for logical fallacies! 



Additional Important Items

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