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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Snapchat v. Instagram: Negative Impacts on Teens

By Kyleigh Lynn

Major Findings From This Research

Major Findings:

  • Snapchat has a negative influence on teenagers sleep because they are too busy being worried they are going to miss something so it causes them to stay up and make sure they aren't missing anything
  • Snapchat has a negative influence on teenagers school work because they are distracted with what is going on with their phone and most of the time miss certain pieces of information that were important and they needed to know
  • Snapchat has a negative influence on teenagers mental health because it is so much easier for people to bully other people on technology, so their are so many teenagers that get bullied on technology which then causes their mental health to decrease dramatically.

Research Advice and Reflection

Advice for future researchers:

  • Try to find all of your sources on the Library Database if you are able to 
  • Make sure your topic is specific and not broad 
  • Take notes as you find your sources 

Reflection on research experience:

1.  How did it go? 

It went really well, I learned a lot of new things that I didn't know 

2. Where did you get hung up?

I got hung up on whether I wanted to focus more on snapchat or instagram but I ended up choosing snapchat because I use it so much more than Instagram 

3. What was the best (most interesting or exciting to you) part?

The best part was learning about the differences between snapchat and instagram related to teenagers sleep, school, and mental health 

4. How did your interest in the topic change after investigating it more closely?

My Interest on the topic didn't really change after investigating it more closely. I really liked my topic so I stuck with it the whole time  

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