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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Instagram's Harm to Teenage Users

By Jasmine Lofton

Top 10 Resources

ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE: Adorjan, M. & Ricciardelli, R. (2021). Smartphone and social media addiction: Exploring the perceptions and experiences of Canadian teenagers. Canadian Review of Sociology, 58(1), 45-64.

  • This source is credible because it comes from a scholarly journal for sociology. This source provides information on how teenagers are being affected by social media. It covers social media addiction and the negative impacts the addiction causes.

FILMS ON DEMAND: Films Media Group. (2017). Changing times. Films On Demand.

  • This source is credible because it comes from the Films Media Group database in the SVC library and because the video was produced by BBC which is a well-known and trustworthy news source. This source provides information on how sleep is affected by social media use. Also, the video states that teenage girls are on their phones 2 times more than boys and are 3 times more likely to use social media. 

ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE: Goodyear, V. A., Wood, G., Skinner, B., & Thompson, J. L. (2021). The effect of social media interventions on physical activity and dietary behaviours in young people and adults: a systematic review. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity, 18(1), 1–18.

  • This source is credible because it comes from a scholarly journal and it also comes from the Skagit database which adds extra credibility. This source provides information about young people's changes in physical activity due to social media usage. It provides studies that are helpful if looking into how different topics of social media affect physical activity.

ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE: Inkster, B., Morrel, M., Pantic, I., Powell, J., & Fergie, G. (2017). #StatusOfMind: Social media and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Royal Society of Public Health and Youth Health Movement, 1-32.

  • This source is trustworthy because it comes from a trustworthy scholarly journal that is dedicated to public health and it can also be found in the Skagit database. This source provides a lot of data on the effect social media is having on teenagers. It discusses addiction, mental health, sleep, and the platform Instagram.                                                     

GALE DATABASES POWER RESEARCH: Papageorgiou, A., Fisher, C., & Cross, D. (2022). "Why don't I look like her?" How adolescent girls view social media and its connection to body image. BMC Women's Health, 22(1), 1-13.

  • This source is credible because it comes from a scholarly source and it can also be found on the Skagit Database. This source specifies on how Social media (including Instagram) affects teenage girls. It goes over the mental effects and the physical complications such as eating disorders and low self-esteem.

INTERNET WEBSITE: Qutteina, Y., Hallez, L., Raedschelders, M., De Backer, C., & Smits, T. (2022). Food for teens: How social media is associated with adolescent eating outcomes. Public Health Nutrition, 25(2), 290-302.

  • This topic is credible because it comes from a scholarly journal specifically for nutrition. This is a great source to find data and information about food and how social media platforms impact eating decisions. It goes over different studies and is very data-driven. 

ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE: Tricás-Vidal, H. J., Vidal-Peracho, M. C., Lucha-López, M. O., Hidalgo-García, C., Monti-Ballano, S., Márquez-Gonzalvo, S., & Tricás-Moreno, J. M. (2022). Impact of fitness influencers on the level of physical activity performed by Instagram users in the United States of America: Analytical cross-sectional study. International Journal of Environmental Research And Public Health,19(21), 1-10.

  • This is a credible source as it comes from a scholarly journal and is also located in the Skagit database. It goes over physical health and how Instagram affects it by looking into how fitness influencers contribute to users' exercise habits.

INTERNET WEBSITE: Trifiro, B. (2018). Instagram use and its effect on well-being and self-esteem. Bryant Digital Repository. 1-52.

  • This source is credible as it comes from a university that peer reviews its articles. This source goes over an overview of the platform Instagram and then goes into specific data on how Instagram affects its user's self-esteem.

INTERNET WEBSITE: Vogels, A.E., Rainie, L., & Nolan, H. (2022). Teens, social media and technology 2022. Pew Research Center.

  • Pew Research Center is credible because it provides accurate unbiased data and it is a well-established organization that many colleges agree to be a reliable source. The source is providing specific information about social media's teenage users such as which demographics are more at risk of getting hooked on social media.  

INTERNET WEBSITE: Wamsley, L. (2021). Teens say Facebook's addictive Instagram app makes them anxious. NPR. addictive-instagram-app-makes-them-anxious

  • This source NPR is specifically providing the transcript of Frances Haugen from the senate commerce about her time working at Facebook (Facebook owns Instagram) and to add to the credibility it can also be found on the Skagit database. In this transcript, Frances states how damaging the Instagram's algorithm is for teenagers and specifically for teenage girls.

Top 7 Recommended Keywords For "Social Media Impacts on Teens"

7 Keywords

  1. "Social Media"
  2. Teen
  3. Adolescent
  4. Instagram
  5. Addiction
  6. Physical
  7. Mental
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