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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Instagram and Impact on Teens

By Aracely Diaz-Sanchez

Top 10 Resources

• PUBMED DATABASE: Bozzola E;Spina G;Agostiniani R;Barni S;Russo R;Scarpato E;Di Mauro A;Di Stefano AV;Caruso C;Corsello G;Staiano A; "The Use of Social Media in Children and Adolescents: Scoping Review on the Potential Risks." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

ºThis is a credible source and provides information from the Department of Pediatrics in Italy. This article is published by the National Library of Medicine. In summary, the source talks about how, in Italy during the COVID-19 crisis, when forced into isolation, many people relied on their smartphones.

•INTERNET WEBSITE:  Callahan, Molly. "Why Does Instagram Have a Negative Effect on Teenagers' Mental Health?" Northeastern Global News, 24 Sep. 2021,

ºThis source was written by Molly Callahan and talks about Rachel Rodgers, an associate professor of applied psychology. This source was published by Northeastern Global News. In summary, this source talks about how Instagram works and how these social media apps tend to have more negative effects on teens because they are driven by photos, and there is no way to eliminate or get around that when the app is based on that.

•ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA: "Instagram." Britannica Academic, Encyclopædia Britannica, 1 Feb. 2023. Accessed 18 Feb. 2023.

ºThis article was written by Britannica Academic and Encyclopaedia, which is integrated with Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. This source was helpful because it gave a detailed description of Instagram, who founded it, and the background of the platform

•JOURNAL DATABASE: LaMarre, Andrea, and Carla Rice. "Hashtag Recovery: #Eating Disorder Recovery on Instagram." Social Sciences, vol. 6, no. 3, 29 June 2017, p. 68,

ºThis article was written by Andrea LaMarre, who lectures in critical health psychology at Massey University. This source talks about the recovery groups available on the social media platform Instagram.

• SCHOLAR DATABASE: Sanz-Blas, Silvia, et al. "From Instagram Overuse to Instastress and Emotional Fatigue: The Mediation of Addiction." Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC, vol. 23, no. 2, 9 Sept. 2019, pp. 143–161,

º This source is written by Silvia Sanz-Blas, a professor at the University of Valencia.This source talks about the addiction and the overuse of Instagram and how it leads to emotional fatigue. 

• INTERNET WEBSITE:Schaeffer, Katherine. "7 Facts about Americans and Instagram." Pew Research Center, 7 Oct. 2021,

ºThis article was published on Pew Research Center, and written by Katherine Schaeffer, a research analyst.This source talks about the use of Instagram and gives statistics on it. 

• ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE: Steinmetz, Katy. "Instagram’s Challenge." TIME Magazine, vol. 194, no. 3, July 2019, pp. 46–51.

ºKaty Steinmetz is an award winning journalist and was the former chief for TIME Magazine.This article by Katy Steinmetz talks about the challenges teens face with cyberbullying as bullying is now easy to do, no more than ever with Instagram being easily accessible. 

•INTERNET WEBSITE: Johnson, Jacquelyn. "How Does Social Media Affect Relationships?",28 Apr. 2022,

         ºThis article was written and reviewed by Dr. Jacquelyn Johnson, a licensed psychologist. This source talks about how relationships of all types, from friends, family, and even social interactions have been affected by the use of social media networks like Instagram.  


•INTERNET WEBSITE: Jones, Sasha. "Looking for Cyberbullies? Try Instagram." Education Week, 21 Aug. 2018,  Accessed 8 Mar. 2023.

            ºThis article was written by Sasha Jones and an editorial intern at Education Week.  This source talks about the dangers of Instagram such as cyberbullying.

•INTERNET WEBSITE:Vogels, Emily. "Teens and Cyberbullying 2022." Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech,  15 Dec.2022,

ºThis source is by the Pew Research Center which provided information and statistics. This source in specific researches the number of teens who have been bullied.







Top 5-10 Recommended Keywords/Search Terms


  1. Instagram
  2. Social Media
  3. Body Image
  4. Teens
  5. Social Media Addiction
  6. Cyberbullying



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