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Student Research Guide WQ23 / Effects of Social Media Addiction

By Alex Clark

Major Findings From This Research

Overall, this research was generally a paved path for me to explore. The internet was born on the first on January, in the year 1983. It didn't take long for an addiction to be born, and as of the mid 1990s, internet addiction was officially recognized as a disorder. The internet was gradually becoming something people would rely on, and more and more people began to use it. Thus, the use of the world wide web spread across the globe, followed by the damaging addiction we see so commonly today. The internet is a mysterious thing, it brings upon joys and knowledge, but at a cost. An addiction to the internet is curable, through proper treatment and thorough therapy. It depends on the individual, and it is difficult some over others to get over it, some fail while others succeed. It is clear, and it should have been clear even before the year of 2023, that the world has become too dependent on the internet, and this could also lead to our impending doom. 

Research Advice and Reflection

Advice for future researchers:

Surprisingly, most of the information that I found wasn't at the top result of my google or article searches, I highly recommend taking your time and scrolling through links, as this is how I found more useful articles and information. Another piece of advice would be to not use government sites (at least the ones I was provided) as none of them provide any information on the topic I am writing about, most follow through government, economical or other topic, but nothing within internet addiction.

Reflection on research experience:

Because my topic was so wide, I had trouble finding articles that spoke exactly of the issues presented in my research paper. I definitely had trouble on that part, and only had a few golden articles that showed a piercing example of what I was going over. I would say this isn't a topic I have a large interest in, but on multiple occasions I did find myself surprised, such as when I found out exactly how bad addictions on the social media platforms were. But I suppose the more I wrote about it, the more I wanted to read in deeper, see the origins of the silent killer. It was generally a fun assignment to do and in the end I found enjoyment in it.

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