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Student Research Guide WQ23 / Effects of Social Media Addiction

By Alex Clark

What is this Guide for?


Our over-dependence of the internet in modern-day western society impacts individuals through physical and psychological stressors.



This is a student created research guide for English 102 & Library 201 Learning community


  •  The purpose of this guide is to go in depth on the psychological affects of social media addiction

Summary of my topic:

  • Internet addiction has negative psychological affects
  • Internet addiction is born through dependence of individuals on the internet

The research thesis is... "Our over-dependence of the internet in modern-day western society impacts individuals through physical and psychological stressors."

Research Questions:

  • How did the concept of internet addiction begin?
  • How has internet addiction evolved into a world-wide phenomenon?





The purpose of choosing this topic was to go in depth on the physical and psychological effects of internet addiction on western society. Focusing on the research questions such as how internet addiction became a worldwide phenomenon was a primary focus of this assignment, and details of the history as well as information on side-effects of internet addiction were included in the paragraphs. 

Internet addiction was once a concept that no one had heard of, and during the first years of the internet, no one could have expected this to become a serious issue. Today the world revolves around the internet, it is within everything we do, and it is within every industry in some way or form. Individuals are becoming dependent on large corporations, and as those large corporations take over the marketing industry and the internet, people spend much more time on it. But a more common form of internet addiction resides within the topic of social media, which heavily influences younger audiences and our future generations. It is evident in multiple experiments that younger audiences are more prone to internet addiction through social media than adults and seniors.

This research project will focus on how over-dependence of the internet can impact individuals through physical and psychological stressors, I could suggest that people would go in depth on each industry that resides on the internet, and how each of those makes a contribution to internet addiction.

Background Information


Internet addiction is excessive or poorly controlled urges and behaviors regarding computer use and internet use that may lead to impairment or distress. Internet addiction is considered almost as a new form of drug, being as addictive and comparable to gambling, alcohol, drugs, and other addictions.

 Internet addiction results in physical stressors such as self harm, less exercise, and as far as self starvation and other similar harm. Internet addiction can result in psychological stressors such as depression, anxiety, stress, fear, and much more.

It is now more common than ever due to the fact that the world is now dependent on the internet to run many industries. This is seen over time, as within the first years of the internet, people were more highly dependent on paper, books, magazines, television, radios and other similarities. But entering the early 2000s and so-fourth many companies and corporations adapted to using the internet, also forcing smaller companies and businesses to adapt to keep up in the market.



Pew Research Survey Results

Graph presents data on a survey conducted in 2018 of the average amount of time people spend on the internet. Average is presented in 44% among teens, while 43% in adults. Lower trace amounts of people say they do not access the internet, which is significantly lower than before. As of 2018, this is the amount of people accessing the internet, people have become dependent on it.

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