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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Impact of Social Media on Girls and Women

By Ella Burton

Top 10 Resources

  • authors, All, and Mariska Kleemans. “Picture Perfect: The Direct Effect of Manipulated Instagram Photos on Body Image in Adolescent Girls.” Taylor & Francis, 15 Dec. 2016,

Annotation: Kleemans is an associated  professor in the Behavioral Sciences Institute. This source focuses on how Social media affects the way teen girls view their body image and how they respond. 


  • Crone, Eveline A., and Elly A. Konijn. “Media Use and Brain Development during Adolescence.” Nature News, Nature Publishing Group, 21 Feb. 2018

Annotation: This source was so helpful because it really went into depth about the brain and how it reacts and corresponds with social media. I know its reliable due to the fact that Eveline Crone is a professor of cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology at Leiden University.


  • Daniels, Nicole. “How Does Social Media Affect Your Mental Health?” The New York Times, The New York Times, 1 Oct. 2021,

Annotation: Daniels has been a trusted author who has even written a researched novel on Feminisim and psychology. This source talks about how social media specifically affects girls mentally and how it continues to affect teenage girls negitivly


  • Davis, Maryann, et al. “Justice System Involvement Into Young Adulthood: Comparison of Adolescent Girls in the Public Mental Health System and in the General Population.” American Journal of Public Health, vol. 99, no. 2, Feb. 2009

Annotation: Davis is a  Director of the Implementation Science and Practice Advances Research Center, at the University of Massechusetts Medical School. This source  also talks about how Social media over the years has impacted teens mental health and they way they veiw themselves.


  • Director. The Naked Brain. FOD, Cinetic Rights Management LLC., 28 Feb. 2015, Accessed 25 Jan. 2023.

Annotation: I found this source on the SVC database and was proven to be reliable. This source also focuses on the neurology of social media.


  • PanelZoeBrownPersonEnvelopeMarikaTiggemann, Author links open overlay, et al. “Attractive Celebrity and Peer Images on Instagram: Effect on Women's Mood and Body Image.” Body Image, Elsevier, 3 Sept. 2016,

Annotation: This source was found from a database and has lots of sources at the bottom. I learned from this source that more about the neurology of the brain, and how it affect our behavior with social media.


  •  “Pro and Con: Is the Internet Making Us Stupid?” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 21 Jan. 2022,

Annotation: I found this informations from a encyclopeaadia. I learned about the ways social media impacts our brains and started a foundation about the understanding of the neurology of social media. It even goes over how social media affects our emotions.


  • Salamon, Maureen. “Scroll Smarter to Protect Your Mental Health.” Harvard Health, Https://, 1 May 2022

Annotation: I know that this source is credible because Maureen Salamon is a long time health and mediacal writer who has a major in jounalisim and has even been featured in some of the most well known publications. In this article it talks about how scrolling on social media can crearte a false reality due to the photo shopping of bodys and face altering fiters. Viewers can begin to feel like less and fall into states of insecurity  and even depression.


  • “Social Media Use May Be Linked to Distress in Teens.” Performance by Norah O'Donnell, Bing, Microsoft, 11 Feb. 2020

Annotation: O’Donnell has been a news reporter for years that america has trusted. She has multiple degrees that make her a certified and liable source of information. In this source there are good starting point and basic knowledge for my research.


  • Twenge, Jean. "Why teen depression rates are rising faster for girls than boys (Jan. 2020)." The Conversation: An Independent Source of Analysis from Academic Researchers, edited by Conversation, The Conversation, 1st edition, 2018. Credo Reference,

Annotation: I found this source in the SVC database which all sources from their have been very reliable. After further research I relized that Credo is very reliable for various reason. This source has good percentages and well supported facts on why social media heavily impacts teenage girls and not in a positive way.

Top 5-10 Recommended Keywords/Search Terms

Keywords used in research:

1. Social media

2. Affects

3. Neurology

4. Teens

5. Mental health

6. Social networking

7. Body dysphoria

8. Communication

9. Social interaction

10. Brain

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