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Student Research Guide WQ23/ Does Instagram have negative impacts on teenagers?

By Amanda Barnett

Top 10 Resources

DIRECTIONS: On this page list the 10 best sources that you found out of all of your research, in MLA or APA format,  with annotations. Some details:

  • List resources alphabetically.  These sources should mostly consist of scholarly (a minimum of three scholarly articles are required) or substantive (examples include Wall Street Journal, New York Times, books published by researchers or experts, streaming videos, Pew Research, Slate, TED, etc.). 


Atske, Sara. “Teens, Social Media and Technology 2022.” Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech, Pew Research Center, 15 Dec. 2022,

  • This discuses teenagers and their relationship to social media and different platforms.
  • This is helpful because it shows which platforms that teenagers use and the statistics that go with the app. 


Bozzola, Elena, et al. "The use of Social Media in Children and Adolescents: Scoping Review on the Potential Risks." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 19, no. 16, 2022, pp. 9960. ProQuest, doi:

  • This source is helpful because it gives a lot of data and information on this topic. 
  • This states a lot of different side effects that can occur form the usage of Insatrgam and gives reasons as to why.  


Daniels, Nicole. “How Does Social Media Affect Your Mental Health?” The New York Times, The New York Times, 1 Oct. 2021,

  • It talked about how the companies knew about the mental health affects it was creating on teenagers.
  • It is helpful because it proves by studies and information that it creates negative effects. 


Faelens, Lien, et al. “The Relationship Between Instagram Use and Indicators of Mental Health: A Systematic Review.” Computers in Human Behavior Reports, vol. 4, 2021, p. 100121–,

  • This source was very helpful because it talked about the symptoms of using Instagram and their relationship to it. 
  • It also stated and showed serval studies which was a good read. 


Johnson, Chandra. “Instagram Latest Venue for Social Media 'Depression'.” Times, The Herald-Times, 17 Nov. 2015,

  • I think this is super powerful because it talked an influencer that left Instagram because of the social comparison that comes with the app
  • It is useful too because it talked about how tons of photos are edited and touched up


Mealins, Evan. "Local Law Firm Sues Meta: Plaintiffs: Facebook, Instagram Owner has Worsened Youth Mental Health Crisis." Montgomery Advertiser, Jun 15, 2022. ProQuest

  • Naomi Charles had a lot of mental health issues and came out and announced that they were cause by Facebook and Instagram. 
  • This helps the research because it explains how Instagram makes mental health issues worse such as body image, depression, etc.


“Role of Instagram Addiction on Academic Performance among Turkish University Students: Mediating Effect of Procrastination.”

  • This is convenient because it was an actual study done and conducted about how social media influences and creates procrastination.
  • It also goes into depth about the addiction around social media. 


“Social Media Use in Female Adolescents: Associations with Anxiety, Loneliness, and Sleep Disturbances.” WWW, Sept. 2022,

  • This is useful because it goes in depth about a term called Social Media Disorder.
  • This term is the intense, frequent use of social media and it mentions what may occur because of this disorder. 


Schaeffer, Katherine. “7 Facts about Americans and Instagram.” Pew Research Center, Pew Research Center, 8 Feb. 2023,

  • This is beneficial to this specific type of research because it gives 7 true facts about people and Instagram.
  • It also gives a lot of graphs and statistics so one can see the numbers and research. 


Winter, Jessica. “Here's Why Instagram Is Even More Depressing than Facebook.” Slate Magazine, Slate, 23 July 2013,

  • It was talking about how looking at peoples feeds corelates with the feeling of being lonely.
  • It also showed some positive effects that are "double edged" so we can see both sides.



Top 5-10 Recommended Keywords/Search Terms


  1. Depression in Instagram
  2. Instagram and mental health
  3. Negative body image from social media 
  4. Instagram and suicide 
  5. Instagrams negative side effects. 
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