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Economics: Searching Beyond the Library

This research guide shows the best sources of information in economics.

Searching Google like a scholar

Searching Google like a Scholar

After using the SVC Library databases, you can find reputable sources from Google if you follow the steps below. Google provides ways to fine tune a search but they are not obvious.  To find reputable articles these steps are helpful.  Learn how Google formulates a search to retrieve what you need.

To use Google's Advanced Search, click on Settings in the lower right hand corner of the Google start page.


Select Advanced Search, which may become your new best friend!

Advanced Search enables you to learn to formulate a search in the way Google does.  Let's use the federal reserve for this example.  We want to include all important terms but may want to also exclude some. Follow the steps below:

 Find pages with….                                                        Each line has directions on the right

All of these words:                                                         Individual words you want to appear in results

This exact word or phrase:  federal reserve                  Google use quotations “federal reserve”

Any of these words: recession depression                    Google adds an ‘or’ between like words

 None of these words:  amazon                                      Google puts a – before the word: -amazon

 Numbers ranging from:                                                  Dates can be entered here

 Then narrow your results by:

 Language:                                                                     Not a concern as most results are in English

 Region:                                                                          Country only so you could add United States

 Last update:                                                                   Only use if you are concerned with dates

 Site or domain:  .gov or                                     To limit results, in our case .gov may be helpful

 Safe search:                                                                   Use if you feel you need to

 Reading level: Advanced or Intermediate               Essential for scholarly results – just don’t  pay

                                                                                       for  anything!

 File type:                                                                        Selecting a pdf file may get you articles

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