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POP Culture: Home

Links to web sites, books and more on the subject of popular culture


This Research Guide is an introduction to SVC Library services for the study of Popular Culture

  • databases the library has and how to use them effectively
  • Links to valuable web sites
  • New materials

Contact a librarian when you need assistance:

Assistance is available 24/7 - just click on ASK A LIBRARIAN at the library web page and follow the directions.

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TOP 5 Searches



Popular Culture

Motion Pictures -- Actors and Actresses

hip hop or rock or name of a music genre

Snookie or The Situation or Paris Hilton (or name of pop icon)


Any specific term, such as a clothing item or fad such as a pet rock

Using any of our article databases, the best starting search would be to:

Search with your key word on the first line choosing the field SUBJECT to search.

On the second search line narrow your search with the term that best fits your search, such as music, or movies or ... whatever will help you focus in on your topic.

 Also choose the field SUBJECT to search


Remember to click on the FULL TEXT box to see articles that are immediately available.


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