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CSS 100: Planning your search

How to plan a search


v  Use the List of KEYWORDS you came up with while brainstorming. 


v  Keep searches SIMPLE.  Don’t include words like a, an, the, in, etc.


v  Use CONNECTORS, like AND and OR to combine terms in your search:

§  AND=  fewer results: 

literacy AND employment

§  OR=  more results (use for similar terms): 

           literacy OR illiteracy or under educated

§  NOT=  Allows you to eliminate unwanted terms: 

           Drugs NOT alcohol


v  Use TRUNCATION (usually * or ? – check “help” to see which one to use) the root of a word to expand a search.

                   Addict* = addict, addictive, addiction, etc.


v  Be FLEXIBLE.  If one search doesn’t work, try using some of your other keywords.  Find additional keywords in articles that you have found and use those.


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