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Student Research Guide: Benefits and Drawbacks of Nanomedicine Drug Delivery in the use of Medical Department. Winter 2022 -: Home

By: Alan Santiago

Introduction to the Topic

Introduction to Topic:

It has been said that technology is the future. It is predicted that technology will be used everywhere soon, for better living. Nanotechnology may be one of those technologies. Nanotechnology is defined as a technology that takes the shape of a micro-robot and it's too small for the naked eye to see (Appelbaum, 2012). This micro-robotic can be put into many uses. Such as energy storage/production/conversion, agricultural productivity enhancement, water treatment and remediation, food processing and preservation, air pollution, or pest control (Langwith, 2009). Anyone would benefit from these things and may solve many crisis problems such as world hunger or pollution. However, one of the most beneficial of nanotechnology is in the form of nanomedicine. Nanomedicine comes from nanotechnology (Appelbaum, 2012). By combining nanotechnology and medicine, we can create nanomedicine, which will improve medicine (Appelbaum, 2012). And even finding much more efficient ways to cure diseases and even curing incurable diseases. Nanomedicine can indeed save people from incurable diseases, but it can also endanger their lives.

Science Animated. (2019, March 20). Nanomedicines For Oral Drug Delivery [Video]. Youtube.

Cancer Nanomedicine"Cancer Nanomedicine" by National Institutes of Health (NIH) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

In this image, we can the interaction of nanomedicine and cancer cells. Cancer is one of many diseases that nanomedicine can cure.

Keywords for searching the topic

Here are some of the words or keywords I have used during researching sources about my topic.


  • Benefits
  • Gender Difference
  • Health Effects
  • Pros/Cons
  • Nanomedicine
  • Nanotechnology

Best Databases/Search Engines

Some of the Databases I have use:

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Some of Reference Articles that I found helpful:

These articles are where I use the information to define Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine.

This article explains what nanotechnology is. And the author says if it’s not a “promise or hype”. Also, it says that people are investing in nanotechnology. This just shows that nanotechnology is the future. I choose this because I can use this when explaining and introducing to my audience what nanotechnology truly is. And why nanotechnology is the future.

This article explains the meaning of nanomedicine. I can use this after explaining what nanotechnology is. Although, during the explanation, I can also use information from this article saying that nanomedicine could be a danger to humans. Additionally, I chose this source because the article indicates that the government has taken it very seriously.


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